"astonishing work of visual, musical,
and physical art."

- Trey Hatch, The Stranger

. . . a visual and intellectual feast . . . moments of piercing beauty and suggestions of violent horror." -Stacey Levine, Seattle Post-Intelligencer

“This is what great and lasting art does - taps into some essential humanness on a cellular level.” - Brangien Davis, The Seattle Times

“Choreographer Molly Scott and Powell seem to read each other's minds with a lithe, mercurial accuracy." – Michael Upchurch, The Seattle Times

SCOTT/POWELL PERFORMANCE is home for the collaborative work of choreographer Mary Sheldon Scott and composer Jarrad Powell. This work has manifested over the span of 22 years, from early solo work through evening-length works with some of the most remarkable dancers and creative artists in Seattle.